How is Special Olympics Funded?

Special Olympics of Greater Knoxville serves over 1500 athletes, providing them with year-round training and competition in 18 different sports. Opportunity for athletes’ growth is evident in so many areas: Physical, emotional, social, just to name a few.


As you may or may not know, Special Olympics is funded solely by donations and contributions from community organizations, businesses and individuals.

Special Olympics by-laws prohibit charging athletes for any portions of their Special Olympics experience: Uniforms, housing, meals, ribbons, medals, equipment, etc, Special Olympic by-laws also prohibit charging any admission cost for any competition. You can see that Special Olympics does not generate any revenue from athlete participation. This is to ensure that no athlete is left out of training or competition due to their socio-economic standing.

Won’t you please consider making an impact on the lives of the Special Olympic athletes in your community? Below are some funding needs. If there is any way you can help, please print a contribution/donation form (below) and mail it to the address on the form. Any help is appreciated.

Our Funding Needs


Bus Rental for State Competitions$15,000
Uniforms for Fall Games$3,000
Uniforms for Winter Games$4,000
Uniforms for Summer Games$9,000
Equipment for Fall Games$1,500
Equipment for Winter Games$7,500
Equipment for Summer Games$5,000
Medals for All Events$6,350

Sponsor an Athlete in the Knoxville Area

All of our charitable giving in life produces benefits in three ways: (1) it helps those in need, (2) it inspires others to give, and (3) it builds character in us – selflessness, temperance, generosity, and compassion.

Special Olympics is often the only resource available for its athletes to experience the thrill of competition and subsequent pride of achievement. These gains often build a new self-confidence that carries over into other aspects of their lives. Since International by-laws prohibit the charging of competition fees, our program relies solely on local donations. As a sponsor, your donation will go directly to support an athlete in competition in the Greater Knoxville area.

This year we are tasked with raising over $50,000 and we need your help. Your generosity will make a difference in an athlete’s life. Contributions may be made at the following levels or greater:

Bronze Level ….. $50 ….. Sponsors 1 Athlete

Silver Level ….. $75 ….. Sponsors 2 Athletes

Gold Level ….. $100 ….. Sponsors 3 Athletes

Platinum Level ….. (over) $100

Fundraising Programs & Events

When you help Special Olympics athletes, you choose the level of giving and getting that’s right for you.

You Can Sponsor An Athlete

Click below and you can print a Sponsor an Athlete donation form, fill it out and mail it in to help sponsor your local Knoxville area athletes who compete in local, state and national competitions! There are four levels of sponsorship. However, any donation is appreciated!

You Can Mail a Donation

Click below and you can print a general donation form, fill it out and mail it to the address listed on the form. Any amount is deeply appreciated!

Thank you!!!

A special thanks to The Picky Chick for choosing us to be the recipient of the admission proceeds from their “early bird” event.

We love the support we get from our local “chicks”.